I think she spent most if not whole drama looking pretty, worried about what she looks like on screen at least that’s what I felt anyway when watching her. Yeah just random gift boxes left on her doorstep or something, right? You saw the string, then saw it was being threaded into the needle This show actually sounds really tempting, but I’m totally confused. I also thought it was time to share some words of wisdom from my years of living and loving a man who happens to be a paraplegic. I think the only one I’d seen before was Yoon; if he’s the one in Athena.

The poems and drawings are mine unless noted If you happen to really like it and want to share it, just link back to the original please. I like this drama, I just finished the whole episode and its good Well it’s officially on hold And I am not even going to compare the heroines – the less said about the way YS was written and acted, the better. His expression just wouldn’t change and for some reason that was the last straw, lol. Why We Love Bromances:

I did like this drama but I can understand the dislike to. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe There is a scene where the older woman bashes crashes and rams her car into the younger girls car that pissed her off by being quicker in stealing a parking slot Ahn Jae Min Supporting Cast. So, why the double standard? In terms of the plot, completely agree with drramacrazy that “It was so very thinly strung together, like a series of vignettes.

A Gentleman’s Dignity <3 | Welcome to South Korea~~!

I have been a fan of this show from the beginning. Their reactions are hysterical.


Frustration sums it up real nice. In fact, it all felt rather ‘uncommitical’. Why We Love Bromances: Sera comes back after her competition, and while talking with Tae-san on the phone, she collapses. I really don’t get it. I remember once a friend of mine said that men loved to have sons just because that gave them the perfect excuse to go back to 2 group.

Well, Dinity don’t think I’ll ever re-watch this drama Everything else that follows after each opening, I don’t really care. I kinda just stream through the last episode. Is this the drama the female lead from Boys over Flowers is in?

The rest was full of inconsistencies and the characters just behaved on the writer’s whim. You are commenting using your WordPress. And regarding YS, if your mother left you to marry a rich man and neglected you, how would you feel? I feel they all played their parts well. It was about rated pg. Thanks for the recap. Betty September 1, at 8: Right, yunno, something not incestuous.

I am 57 so I guess that is why I enjoyed it. As I have said before in a couple earlier posts about this Korean Drama, I am a fan!

JB – teach me how to not watch something written by this writer. I had fun reading them. Rosie January 1, at I am not usually much for the teen dramas aside from a select few, but TTBY is so freaking adorable!! This series definitely feels like a series of vignettes, gehtleman isn’t a bad thing. Lots of little twists and turns.


A Gentleman’s Dignity <3

Probably won’t watch either of those for a loooooooong time. Well the crux of all Kim Eunsook dramas I’ve seen seems to be: I think I’ll watch this episode, just the flash mob part.

Practically everyone but me does. But as I understand it, she never wanted to marry… so the pregnancy-automatically-results-in-marriage turn seems sort of tacked-on.

I drramacrazy certainly convinced. Yi-soo drops in to see Meahri and asks if being married is so wonderful, and gets an emphatic yes. A Couch Kimchi Roundtable.

And that’s why I love you, girls! I don’t know, something about this show just screams “stay away” to me. There were sadly a lot of missed dighity. I only watched this drama for the sake of F44’s friendship and JDG’s return to small screen.

I was eager to watch this drama because of Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul and thought it would be a great drama after reading the reviews else where. Kim Minjong is seriously my ahjussi crush. Writer Kim continues to manufacture these convenient female lead eramacrazy she could mold into whatever the situation calls for.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

Love the short froofy wedding dresses. I understood it, because I have presbyopia. Anonymous January 21, at 9: I guess I am glad it is over. I wish people would have been as constructive on Dr.