Sometimes a new one is the only option. Hmmm, its just disapointing after forking out so much money to have problems with a system already. Need to downsize, any advice? View the Vendor Directory. I didn’t bother with a skimmer ; despite a relatively high bioload Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about them on AquariumAdvice. Sadly like all airstones, wooden diffusers don’t last in seawater so do change regularly to maintain performance. Equipment and DIY Discussion.

All 3 brushes rinse clean in seconds. Essential pre-filter sponge for Marisys Was also thinkin about an external with hang on skimmer. Any other ideas would be fantastic as the idea looks great just think the media in the setup needs tweaking. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but they are not entitled to their own facts, Daniel Patrick Moynihan March 16, — March 26, Micro bubbles from protein skimmer. A little bit of effort goes a long way with essential equipment. No one knows more about Aqua one.

They are too small to hold enuf water on high evaporation days, use a sump and weir, you will do it later anyway when you realise just how limited the marisys, the cost of the marisys will be more than a sump and return pump.

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Board index All times are UTC. Think some of those mods would actualy work but I deries ur rite mate, am goin to look in to building s sump.

I had the same issue that most of you were talking about. My nitrates are 5 ppm everything else is zero.

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When I had the marisys I found one of the noisiest bits the turbulent flow from the inlet into the top of the box. The marisys seems to be simple and working waters spotless just my skimmers not always skimming.

This prevents most types of algae from taking hold in any substantial way, the overflow box for example will no longer clog with coralline algae. With these models if thevwater is not traveling into the filter area over the bridge typr thingo there will be bubbles entering thhe tank.

Hope this helps guys. Do a search on them and you will that you will have to fiercely modify it to make it worthwhile. My Tank Journals 8x3x2.


It seems that it withdraws water to the filter box, then stops and water returns to my tank with a LOT of bubbles until there is no more water left, and then sereis withdraws water again. Any other ideas would be fantastic as the idea looks great just think the media in the setup needs tweaking.

An essential to keep your Aqua One setup running well, this handy set includes 3 brushes especially designed to clean all Aqua One pipe sizes.

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If you read through reddivers thread he did alot of mods to his Marysis to quieten it down http: Micro bubbles from protein skimmer. Canister mairsys flow direction. I had about enough of it at that time and finally I grabbed one of my gravel cleaner siphons and placed the tubing into the unit, on top of the blue distributer top section with bunch of holes into and fed the water directly into the overflow unit.

But we do sell an awful lot of new ones to customers who have never cleaned theirs, never changed the impeller and never checked the return hose for blockages.

Acrylic also scratches easily when cleaned, which is why you should replace the Marisys Skimmer Cup if it is damaged or heavily scratched during use. Good Luck, hope whatever you do goes well. Was also thinkin about an external with hang on skimmer.

Restore the new performance of your skimmer by renewing the pump impeller at least annually. Also, it is for discussions on how you can do-it-yourself. Notify me when this item is available.

I’m goin tomorow to get a external and a tmc v2 compact Now I did fill this to recommend before turning the unit on. Keep karisys Marisys pump up to scratch by replacing the impeller yearly, following a good clean of inlet and outlet pipes with an Aqua One Double Ended Pipe Brush. Id be getting rid of the bio balls, sponges auqa and running it as xqua fuge, a skimmer upgrade when you get some money wouldnt hurt either.

There is now, quite literally, nothing to go wrong and the box starts time after time in a faultless manner. All times are GMT Im reall new to prl, as i have only had tropical tanks before. I run a plug and play reef at my parents place and it goes really well with the right live stock choices and a few simple cheap changes, is it as good as my custom home set up? Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today. In our experience this has two common causes – seriez first is that the hang on Perstaltic pump gets blocked up and deteriorates over time.


Never a company to stand still Aqua One constantly re engineer and improve their products. The time now is Limewood diffusers produce the finest bubble for the most efficient protein skimming.

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So you’ll be glad that here at Aquarium Parts, we hold the UK’s largest stock of Marisys pumps; available for same day despatch. Simon’s Red Sea Max. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Sick leather and zoanthid corals.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I didn’t bother with a skimmer ; despite a relatively high bioload Degassing chamber To vastly reduce the amount of small bubbles which are returned to the aquarium the Marisys Series 2 now features a special degassing chamber so the return water is as pure and clear as possible. Not sure how the new marisys is different from old but I ended up: Your name or email address: I have gone over and over the instructions, pulled it apart and started again, I can’t seem to find what im doing wrong.

I bought the unit second hand, so I didn’t get any destructions. Here at Aquarium Parts we’ve always been big fans of the Aqua One Marisys and it seems we are not alone: Hello, I purchased the Marisys series 2 protein skimmer, When the water returns to my tank its extremely bubbly, i’ve followed the troubleshooting in the instructions but cant seem to find the problem.

Anyway, with the water feeding into the dark overflow area from the top of 3 part filter, the water started coming out the duck bill constantly. These are available to special order: Share This Page Tweet. Searching the web, there is pretty much nothing explaining how to get this thing going, and I can truly understand people’s frustration.