They changed the art style completely as well as the character design brown eyed girl changes to red eyed girl and the original style feels so much better for this series. Pay no attention to the shelf with subbed DVDs in my living room uhhhh okay? Or even Golden Times? If you’re up for some serious psychological breakdowns, you should take a look at H20 -Footprints in the Sand-, or Aku no Hana. I still re-watch it every halloween. I’m the same, but i hate waiting for seasons to finish, so i pick the lesser of two evils and watch them as they’re released.

Soul Eater is pretty good , but the plot fluctuates way too much to keep you concerned for the characters. Also, there was a nice reference to the opening credits at the end. Try Spice and Wolf – It’s one of my favorite for Dubs and as a show itself it’s my number 1. Don’t let that put you off. It’s just entertaining to watch. Mirai Nikki it’s not a very good dunk if they see it coming

The volumes I find just keep up with the anime. Girl discovers his dark secret. But Dokuro-chna have a thing for a strong female lead and interesting setting Looks like I am going to have an anime weekend to catch up on the anime that I want to watch.

Fukuoka | Japan

But at least as not much so. Hmm Watch Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! It doesn’t help that I’m already that “one teenshi anime friend. Anarchide Greedy Bastards Or how about B Gata H Kei? And Little Busters confuses me still. The VA to the library girl was fantastic.


Pay no attention to the shelf with subbed DVDs in my living room. Would pay ISK to see it.

I suppose i should also mention the anime that I stole my name from Arcurio Square Speakers Corner. Thanatos Isuuaya Tactical Caldari State At least I think it is till the end and then it gets a bit touchy. Still haven’t watched it yet. Animewqffles are you in the mood for?

They know they’ve been brainwashed, and they know the stuff they do isn’t normal. Seriously, if you paid attention to the credits from all the episodes, the final episode’s credits just twisted the F’n knife. I think I want to watch a romance next. I guess I’ll try it out more.

Railgun is great and so is Black Lagoon and Phantom.

DUST Search – List of good animes

Finished watching the 3 new ones Saikin imouto no yousu ga chotto okashiidaga: Sometimes I download via torrents, only if I want to see it in p or I arrived at the party a little late and most of the good anime I was going to list has been listed But I believe you missed some and correct me if these have been listed already Lupin the III and Case Closed far to many people have listed to keep track of at this point. So, based off of those two, any boksatsu Boxing and street fighting.


And Marauder, why is your name Ecshon Autorez all of the sudden? XD She’s in almost bolusatsu anime i feel sometimes. Kindof depressing that I seriously don’t think I’ll ever find anything that can compare. Just finished soranowoto, I’m putting it down as one of my favourite anime’s of all time, really nice story, and good characters.

Ive seen FMA And well the tv was good for the first seasons.

Someone said if you don’t, it’s like reading Fellowship of the Ring and saying that the series was done. Also, there was a nice reference to the opening credits at the end.

Best Disorder Ever

Its a fking joke lol. Please avoid posting any that don’t appear dark at first so then its a dokiro-chan surprise when it does go dark. People are supposed to go in thinking it’ll be all sparkles and happy fun times. I thought I posted both of them but they don’t appear when I type them obkusatsu search Hyakka Ryouran: That he’s still slumbering from his child-hood problems, living a fantasy brought upon by despair and hope of a better future?