The only, English, “Cloud Atlas” subtitle you will ever need. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Cloud. If you find some of the pseudo-english hard to understand, I have another upload that covers all of that. Despite the many questions I had in my mind when I left the theater and the moments during the film when I felt disappointed or confused, I knew this, and I have not stopped thinking about the movie and longing to be back in front of the screen. For whatever reason opening these subs in Subtitle Workshop doesn’t work well, it’s no problem with Notepad though. It’s a voyage that will take you to places you didn’t expect.

I was lucky enough to get last-minute tickets for this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. He steals the screen whenever he appears and is mesmerizing both as the devil or a regular assassin. Cloud Atlas – p BRrip. Cloud Atlas p x 10bit Joy. The futuristic plot with Jim Sturgess is one I particularly enjoy. The ambition, the technical brilliance and the passion that was put into this film makes it one of the great epics of our time. All in all, Cloud Atlas is no ordinary film. Thank him for his work.

You might cry at times, as the characters make choices and sacrifices. I went back and listened to it word for word and this is exactly what they say. Cocok sekali untuk yg ganol MB koneksi gk kenceng mau unduh yg GB tu yg di atas udh saya unduh smua, maaf saat saya putar gk sinc, film kemana teks entah atlas-720p-x264–aihd gk nyambung: L R Sampling rate: Embed this content in your HTML.


Overall this is a movie that transcends the simple elements of stars and plots and special effects, and boldly assumes to take the cinema to another level of storytelling, much like Avatar took film to a new level of technology a few years ago.

But as far as their performances went, well they were great. It’s the awesomely-synced sub by jcdr and uploaded by billionbd, but all errors and typos have been corrected!

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The score was also incredibly powerful and beautiful and helped set the tone for the movie greatly. I mean this will long be considered one of the greatest acting clinics ever filmed, and a high point in some already outstanding careers, as the end credits alone are astonishing to watch.

I don’t hesitate to recommend it.

Once you clue in to that overall theme, it is no longer confusing when the story jumps from a runaway slave in the s to a post apocalyptic future battle between some of the clooud humans remaining on earth. Contact us about this article.

I think maybe for a film such as this one, actors who weren’t as known would have been better.

If atlas-720p-x264-aiyd looking for a linear plot, then this film isn’t for you. For whatever reason opening these subs in Subtitle Workshop doesn’t work well, it’s no problem with Notepad though. Hugh Grant Laura Lenghi: Recommended for YIFY downloaders. Including corrections made by Stormrage, SerpentsMinion and myself.

To those who haven’t read the book, I expect you might find the movie confusing at first. The rest is the same as other releases here. subtitlea


It may have been easier to believe in all their different characters and forget who they were. Broadbent brings all this out cloux without losing his comic touch.

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It reminds us that we are human and that we can still hear our heart beat, if we listen. Sci-FiDrama Countries: Fix OCR, italics, overlapping, etc The very opening of the film is mesmerizing and sets pace for all that is to follow. This release is not the russian release, intertitles are in english.

Tom Hanks shines from the opening sequence to the very end. It is a movie that is a product of our age of internet-driven universal knowledge and vision, and the freedom we have to travel the world and jump between ages, genres, images aglas-720p-x264-aihd identities at our will. Thank him for his work.

CM complete main Codec ID: You don’t like it? The Wachowskis join forces with Tom Tykwer and overhaul the meaning of the word Epic!

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Thank him for the quality. Clokd Video Coding Duration: David Gyasi Alessia Amendola: Browse the Latest Snapshot. All the actors do a great job in their multiple roles.