On the ground, it uses Megatanks that can chase the Megapod and strike it at high speed. Clutched to the Skid, the Ninja survives in the world network, despite the huge pressure of the Digital Sea which crushes the computer bodies in the flow of data. With their strength comes speed. Since they fly, they do not have much to fear. The individual surely loses consciousness and his mind is transfered to a virtual avatar generated by the machine on the Cortex. The room is not exactly safe from the quakes of the Cortex. The Ninjas have no trouble in warding off Ulrich’s assaults or even Yumi’s fans. Or will their mind be lost forever?

Finally, this Heart room is the den of the Ninjas, the virtual avatars that Tyron sends to defend himself against intruders episodes 08, 10, 14, 16, 18, The Ring of the Cortex. This page examines this newcomer in the Virtual Universe. Also the only time that a Ninja ventures far from the core of the Cortex. The centre of Tyron’s virtual world is, like Sector 5 in Lyoko, a big, hollow sphere. Hopper made Lyoko so that Aelita could be its Guardian, which allowed her to govern the virtual world.

Extremely fast and able to automatically adapt itself to the terrain’s movement, it allows our heroes to fulfil their missions. Sudden appearance, surprise stab, everything.

Peace on lyoko TechECoyote Loonatic super genius and lyoko. The Cortex has been running for quite some time, though it is impossible to know when it started.


I love Code Lyoko. The Ninjas simulate an overwhelming defeat in the core of the Cortex. And even their physical hits are destructive: Clutched to the Skid, the Ninja survives in the world network, despite the huge pressure of the Digital Sea which crushes the computer bodies in the flow of data. Since there is no gas on Lyoko, the sky of the Cortex is made up of the digital void.

All around it, semi-circular platforms float above the void. The Ninjas are an exceptional category of virtual beings.

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At last, the crucial point: The earthquakes are also a problem for XANA’s monsters. Let’s remember what virtualization is. As long as they did not know where to look, their chances of coming across the Cortex were infinitesimal.

There’s just one fault, because nobody’s perfect.

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The Ring is the first part to crumble, and the Dome is the last to disappear. The appearance of episoe Towers is strictly identical. Jeremy will however intervene just in time. Their double short sword is a virtual weapon. As such, it looks like an island drifting on the waters of the Worldwide Digital Network. The only reason why they could localise Tyron’s world is that XANA’s activity provided them with a signal waison they could trace episodes 01 and To allow our Lyoko Warriors to cross the Ring in one piece, Jeremy develops a new vehicle: It should be noted that only William is not bothered by the seismic activity of the Cortex: At first, they are powerful.


Tyron’s Ninjas are human beings. A detailed description is available below. The Ninjas have a phenomenal wspionnage ability and from all points of view.

Evolution- English Fan Dub- Episode 1: Yo, I hope u guys enjoy. That is, the part of the Network that penetrated the Virtual World. The virtualized heroes keep their personality lyomo obtain a personalized avatar in their own image. Combined with their strength, the Ninjas also are efficient at hand-to-hand combat.

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It allows him to track the Lyoko Warriors without being seen, even by Jeremy. Code Lyoko Evolution Reaction Episode 1-sub. The most impressive fact is the Ninjas’ ability to ward off even the bursts of Odd’s laser arrows! Things take a turn when Aelita is devirtualized.

In all likelihood, Hopper hadn’t thought up the scanners yet when Tyron betrayed him.