Hey ppl How r u all? Salalah is in its golden days: I’m not big foot don’t worry: Bye All halla sadiqi tata bblc. Allah Nero, 7amas is this place, I miss it: D Are you thinking what i am thinking: D dinner with friends: But dont you feel it is a fake smile?

I am sure about my self: Salam All My cozen is in UK i can talk to him if you are interested? D How are you?: Yup,, Uncles house today: D Why up so early? Grown ups is out: D You know my friends, so pick one and that is it lol:

They are providing eftar there for free, I won’t take any thing: I guess you are all asleep ,,: Why didnt you go with your friend: You have clnema gap inside you, am sure excercise will make you feel better, start going tot he gym la It’s not gap,it’s just i think am alone even when ppl around me: I like to go alone sometime btw BBk birthday is today do something nice for him.


Anything interesting out there? Ninja doesn’t look nice as usual with my self: It was not for you: Well ramadhan kareem in sha allah D A family gathering I know: My day was boring, how about yours? Where did you have your dinner?

You’re welcome Patient SmilingLady: And we are coming to an end in the chatting thread!: Be safe all please: D hello welcome man Salalah is in its golden days: What foods, do you any one made food this time: LOL, Well as you can see we have tight scheduls in Ramadan so cant go watch movies every night like i did before Ramadan: D depend in your scale D LOL nice one: Where did you go today? There is another movie in Shati The Salmmin Salmon: D You know my friends, so pick one and that is it lol: I am always fine even if am not: I dont like it when people use this smile: You dont sound you: Then you will never go to the gym: I mean green days: Thanks Amen How are you bro?


Ok, if you don’t do i won’t talk to you ever: Ya I hate him ,but love his movie: So you recommend it? D How are you?: Meen friend, dont say my cijema Hiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat lazy people hi who are you talking to.??: It is not a problem: I have replied you! D Do you have a big family?: What are you doing tonight?