Gertrude then forces Sylvia to insert an empty glass Coke bottle up her skirt in front of her children and orders Johnny and Stephanie’s Scout Taylor-Compton boyfriend Coy Hubbard Jeremy Sumpter to push her down the basement stairs and lock her in. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. The Baniszewski children notice her calling her parents and inform their mother. I take full responsibility for whatever happened to Sylvia. View all Streaming Sites. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

She says that Sylvia must be punished until she learns her lesson. The letter also tried to frame a group of anonymous boys for abusing and mutilating Likens after she supposedly agreed to have sexual relations with them. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. She takes out her anger and frustration on Sylvia and Jenny. View all Cars Sites. Baniszewski also accused Likens of prostitution and delivered misogynistic sermons about the filthiness of prostitutes and women in general. Where can I see these movies?? Baniszewski then switched the topic to the “evils” of premarital sex and brutally kicked Sylvia repeatedly in the genitals.

Her severely mutilated body led authorities to initially believe that it was the work of an “anonymous madman”. Coy Hubbard, Stephanie Baniszewski’s boyfriend who had beaten Likens was in and out of prison after his release.

Cerebral hemorrhage Shock Malnutrition. I suggest that viewers watch with caution. The Murder of Sylvia Likens, as told 50 years ago”. I take full responsibility for whatever happened to Sylvia. This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat I know that sounds weird for me to say too, but I assume that it was either the directors choice mkvie an attempt at realism, but Ellen Page’s character just shut down.


11 Horror Movies Based on True Stories!

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. During her early time with the Baniszewski family, she would sing with Baniszewski’s daughter, Stephanie. The property is now a church parking lot. An American Crime on Banisxewski.

She takes them to the basement and begins to beat them. Throughout her captivity, Baniszewski frequently, with the assistance of her children and their friends, restrained Likens in a bathtub filled with scalding water and rubbed salt onto her burns.

Their parents, Lester Nick Searcy and Betty Romy Rosemontwho work at the carnival circuit, reconcile their previously estranged relationship and agree moie go on a tour together.

Likens as she appeared prior to her stay at the Baniszewski residence. Email required Address never made public. I sort of skimmed the gory details, if you want to know more, then you need therapy. We actually see the children and Ruth torture Meg, we see her being beaten and burned, and we see her bruises.

Gertrude tells him that Sylvia was sent to juvenile detention.

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Likens gertrure to recover but was unable to speak intelligibly and move her limbs properly. The New York Times. Jennie Likens Nick Searcy John quickly took away the bowl when Likens attempted to eat it.

As soon as she enters the house, she oversees a distraught Stephanie leaning over Sylvia’s dead body trying to save her with Ricky helping which they fail.

She lived in obscurity until her death in Laurel, Iowafrom lung canceron June 16,aged When Gertrude is unable to finish, she gives the needle to her teenage neighbor Ricky Hobbs Evan Peters and orders him to continue the branding.

Was this really based on a true story? Lepper died on November 14, in Indianapolis at the age of It baniszewskki at the Sundance Film Festival.


This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat View all TV Sites. When police arrived, Gertrude Baniszewski handed them the letter she had forced Likens to write a few days previously.

Baniszewski also accused Likens of prostitution and delivered misogynistic sermons about the filthiness of prostitutes and women in general. This supposedly provoked Stephanie’s boyfriend, Coy Hubbard, to physically attack Likens. She accused her of stealing candy that she had bought, and humiliated her when she admitted that she once had a boyfriend. Retrieved September 7, Dianna was airlifted to a hospital in serious condition.

Her daughter, Paula Ari Graynoris later upset when Sylvia informs her abusive boyfriend about her secret pregnancy. Acosta contacted the police and appeared on television, asking the public’s help in finding his parents.

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Because all banixzewski the events were visible and quite evident it was more emotional and easier to feel for Sylvia on a much deeper level. Times are tough, and Gertrude’s financial needs cause her to make this arrangement before realizing move the burden will push her unstable nature to a breaking point.

Although John Baniszewski had a volatile temper, the two stayed together for ten more years before divorcing. Principal photography took place in Sylvia’s voiceover also narrates the fates of her other murderers.