Ano gid bala ang gusto nga tawag ni Pedro sa iya ni Tasya? Na amnesia bala ini? Daw ka bias man kadayang page nga ja. To lessen the boredom of the listeners. Aswang is everywhere… hahahaha! General Public Program Proper:

Hay salamt liwat 7 kay diyos alupi, natandaan ko pa magbasa. Soon the door opened slowly and noiselessly. Keep her quiet that way. Try UPV or Iloilo public library. Minsan ang problem, people tend to brush ideas kahit half-assed namn and d substantial ang research.. Ah sige sir, pa ilisan ko lang siya… 11 Pedro: I believe the legend is true.

Tatlo 11 na siya ka oras nga naga lakat pero indi man sa gihapon makit-an 12 ang syudad. Juana storj the thought of her other friend, the one she left behind, away and began to run again, towards the main road.

My ancestors and not yours, are the most reliable sources of information about our place.

Aswang: The Tiniente Gimo Story – Aft3rdark/Smokebear/EdenVon

Daw malipong nagid ako. Light from the torches illuminated the branches and the leaves of the tree as the mob passed underneath her.

So stop mugging and just be cool about it. Did I believe it?

The crowd of angry men and women who tried to come after her came and went. Long story short, I booked a room via Agoda, and upon checking in, I was told that my booking didn’t exist nor did they have any rooms left. The whole place felt My friend, a journalist, has a very fertile mind and often “over-interprets” stories as most journalists are wont to do. Whether you like it or not. Why not make something out of it and create a tourist attraction for people who like this creepy stuff.


In this age of information, you think impossible ang media black out dahil may science? I believe the legend is true. There also some children there too. Abi ni tasya, daw joke joke lang ang dos syentos kilometros. So on and so on. Pa wala ayhan ukon pa- 5 tuo. Kag wala gid huligaynon kaso. How did it influence your world view especially on aswangs still to define that?

Jane Doe from Duenas. We were billeted in an old, wooden house “on-stilts” whose architectural style is similar to those big American-colonial style houses which typically can be seen in Teacher’s Camp-Baguio and Subic.

Ang Kabuhi ni Tasya (1 hour Radio Drama Script in Hiligaynon) | Jethro Aranas –

It was his own beloved daughter after all. Exactly how it was told to me. It was the feeling of dread. Waay ka guro kamaan nga mayad ako.

Dark Passenger

hiigaynon If you want an aswang story, please use your own, not ours. You can also add or revise the whole story. Ah, eh, pakadto na 9 Pedro: That was really weird. In all my life as a taxi driver, you are actually the fifth person to check out in middle of the night due to a ghostly encounter!

We have been ripped off of our glory but we still have stories to tell: Inaswang na asawa meron pa… hahahaha! Although I found her observations terribly funny, I swear to God it was not my intention. As such, eerie tales of “white hilugaynon ghosts and the like roaming the old, haunted buildings in CPU are told by “eyewitnesses” – security guards, students and even officials of the said school. The person who assisted me to my room had to unlocked it before I could actually enter.


Anyway, it was already late at night and I was in my assigned room together with another advance staff sleeping when uiligaynon were both awaken by a thrashing sound of something flying.

Nay, indi ako magpasugot nga mag pabilin lang sa wala pulos nga 13 tribu nga ini! It would only be a matter of time before they found out where she was headed. Ah sige sir, pa ilisan ko lang siya… 11 Pedro: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Email or Phone Password Forgot account? As soon as her bare feet touched solid ground, Juana began to run. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

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