Very loyal and good-hearted. The blacksmith of the Kayi tribe. In the fourth season, the Kayilar mourn Ertugrul’s death. After getting through a difficult time of famine they determine to migrate to a better place where they can start a new life. He led a rebellion in Kayi tribe against Suleyman Shah, who killed him before the beginning of the series. The show is based on the history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks and takes place in the 13th century. Is later killed by Hulagu Han.

Has the same ambition as Mahperi Hatun to make the Prince became the heir apparent. Beybolat seeks to marry Ilbilge with Bahattin, but his plans are ruined when Ertugrul asks her for marriage, and she accepts. Television series about the Ottoman Empire Turkish television series debuts. Without knowing the true identity of the rescued prisoners that they belong to a noble family of the Seljuk Empire Ertugrul and his friends bring them to the nomad group. Views Read Edit View history. The enemy of Ertugrul in this Season is the right man of Ogeday named Noyan. He is tactless and rude. Newly wed couple Aiman and Muneeb walked the ramp.

He is only seen when Selcan Hatun has a vision of him. Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai. Therefore they are like the brothers for them but there are some venomous people who want to capture Kayi tribe. Sultan Alaeddin’s hkm son with his wife Mahperi Hatun.

His main purpose is to destroy the Muslims and recapture Jerusalem. A representative of TRT stated that the series “aim to strengthen the nationhood sentiment of Turkish people by teaching the audience how the Turkish state came into existence, through a sigaray of history and quality entertainment. Beybolat seeks to marry Ilbilge with Bahattin, but his plans are ruined when Ertugrul asks her for marriage, and she accepts. Has a big hatred towards Turgut Bey.

Episkde cannot dub it but we are adding subtitles to the Season 2. The Emir of Seljuk in Konya who is a puppet of the Mongols.

Together with the new commander of Karacahisar, Ares, Kopek sets a trap for Ertugrul and seemingly kills him at dirills end of the dirills. Guldarro is always against him and always thinking that he is right and Ertugrul is playing only crazy games.


Simko, a slave trader, gave her to Ares as a present, which the real cause he gave her is to spy on Ares. Daughter of Umur Bey and younger sister of Ilbilge and Beybolat. All are maintained on horse farm in Riva. However, Aytolun murdered Duru to be Korkut Bey’s wife. People of Kayi are now at the mercy of Epsiode Tribe people. She is a brave hatun, skilled in swordsmanship, loyal to her father and the State, and always seeking justice. Views Read Edit View history.

Known for his accuracy with the bow and arrow. Historical fiction Adventure Romance. Later rebels against the Mongols and Seljuk State and escapes with the second branch of the Kayi Tribe to rejoin Ertugrul in Sogut along with his brothers, Selcan, and two sons Suleyman and Iltekin.

To strengthen his ties with the Cavdars, Ertugrul requests Turgut to marry Aslihan, who accepts. Fights with two swords. Spam comments will not be approved at all. Noyan’s sister, Alangoya, infiltrates the Kayi tribe and causes chaos, only to be killed by Hayme Ana.

He is interested in science rather than being an Alp.

Suleyman is imprisoned by Beybolat for speaking out against his beylik, but escapes and runs to rejoin his father and uncles. Please note that episode 5 is not available at all anywhere, even on Youtube in Urdu. He, alongside his wife and troops, were killed for being loyal to the state.

Ertugrul is obviously on a mission to his holy path so everyone is now against him. He believes that the state should be governed not by sword, but by knowledge and episde.

Younger sister of Ural Bey and Aliyar Dkrilis. Father in law of Halime Hatun and Selcan Hatun. Answer can be from islamabad lahore. During a hunt they encounter the transport of three condemned prisoners by the Knights Templar. The blacksmith of the Kayi tribe.

He is loyal to the state his father and bares no ill will to his younger brother and his mother. Andalusian Sufi mystic and spiritual leader of the East. After getting through a difficult time of famine they determine to migrate to a better place where they can start a new life.


Catriona Gray, djrilis the Philippines wins the miss universe 2. The arrival of Halime and siyaray family at the group brings new difficulties to the Kayi tribe.

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We have enjoyed watching the 1 series. An Armenian gold miner and gold smith who became a slave. In the second season, Ertugrul is captured by the Mongols, led by Baycu Noyan. Ertugrul now suspects Zangoc of being Dragos and tasks Mergen to track him. Secretly plots with templar nights to make himself the leader of the Kayi tribe. Giyaseddin issues an execution warrant for Kopek, who has enough power now to become the sultan.

Following Ertugrul’s conquest of the Hanli Bazar, Ural Bey is sentenced to death for his role in destroying property, killing Ertugrul’s Alps, and killing the Tekfur of Karacahisar. A lot of people of Kayi Tribe are martyred and a lot of swearing wounded.

Veteran of the wars in the east. Chief Alp of the Dodurga tribe, became the dkrilis leader of the Dodurga tribe after his father’s death.

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Sides with Gundogdu and doesn’t migrate with Ertugrul, but later joins him to kill Emir Sadeddin Kopek and again with Gundogdu dieilis escape the Mongols. He spends a lot of time with Artuk Bey for his interest in science. Kopek kills Giyaseddin’s brother Kilic Arslan and seizes power in the palace. Ertugrul learns the location of his son by eavesdropping on a meeting between Uranos and Alincak, and saves him from becoming a Mongol slave.