The selected foods were collected from various restaurant and food stalls around Shah Alam, Selangor. A cross sectional study was carried out in three districts in Selangor , Malaysia. Aflatoxin is a food contaminant and its exposure through the diet is frequent and ubiquitous. Wahid rejects accusa- tions of opportunism as incorrect and misplaced, since the main prin- ciple in the NU is not politics, but fiqh: INIS provides students and researchers with access to reliable resources that demonstrate the importance and the advantages of nuclear science and technology. A total of 13 fatty alcohols C 12 – C 24 including six branched compounds have been identified in seven surface sediment samples taken from Sungai Kapar, Selangor using computerized gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GC-MS.

INIS , with the voluntary collaboration of more than 60 of the Agency’s Member States, maintains a comprehensive, computer-resident data-base, containing the bibliographic details plus informative abstracts of the bulk of the world’s literature on nuclear science and technology. The Agency signed an agreement with Elsevier Science BV for the acquisition of electronic bibliographic records. As and Pb exceeded the safe limit values of 5. This study aimed to identify the compliance of selected schools in Selangor , Malaysia with whole-school mapping framework and prevalence of obesity among primary school children in rural and urban environmental settings. The question is whether the quality of Islam becomes distorted or corrupted by adapting to Indonesian culture. The finding provides an important relationship for engineers to estimate the soft ground thickness in Kuala Lumpur area based on the dynamic characteristics of the ground measured from microtremor observation.

It is through Imvestigasi that the combination of Islam and Indonesia can find its ideal form, and it is only through this kind of manifestation that the ideal and universal values of Islam can be realised in this world.

And if it took two weeks to get a postal package with paper tape in it from somewhere in Asia to Vienna, so be it!

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Full Text Available Cash waqf is becoming one of the popular Islamic financial instruments which not only focus on the religiosity but also has significant impact to the ummah development. A total of children aged years from 60 schools in rural and urban area in Selangor involved kamos this study and their BMI was c After Indonesia became independent on 17 Augustits history as a na- tion is usually divided into three parts: InBotswana joined INISbringing the total number of participating members toincluding countries and 19 international organizations.

Finally, the very first electronic version of the multilingual thesaurus is introduced.

The identification of predictors of depression in kzmis community is important to identify the target population for the. The reason is not simply that Islam is the religion of the majority of the Indonesian people, with almost 90 per cent of them being Mus- lim, but also because Islam is the main component of Indonesian-ness; the past, present and future of Indonesia is strongly related to Islam.


A similar mechanism was at work in the uni- versities, especially the secular ones. However, a version in the original language, even when this is not a working language can be recorded on magnetic tapes. The research focuses on two case studies in a strategic and historical location of Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur.

Today it serves that purpose. Effectiveness of author-assigned keywords to INIS indexing. Also com- menting on Indonesian Muslim women, Dr Musharraf Husayn, co- chair of the UK-Indonesia Islamic Advisory Group, recently praised the high positions that they had achieved and their freedom, saying that she wanted to take this Indonesian lesson back to the Muslim women of the UK.

However, it never lost its function as a symbol of Indonesian Islam. The thesaurus episod primarily used for subject indexing of input into the INIS system and for retrieval of information from the database. One exam- ple is that of correct Islamic dress for women, which was hotly dis- cussed at the beginning of the last century and has, once again, be- come a topic of intense debate in recent decades.

Distribution of lead, Pb in Kuala Muda sediment.

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Or, does he really want Indonesian Muslims to be distinct from their fellow Mus- lims? Tujuan penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mendiskripsikan, menganalisis dan menginterpretasikan aspek-aspek yang berhubungan dengan: In the post-independence period, the history of these institutions is the history of the strengthen- ing of Indonesian Islamic heritage.

Medical history, biochemical parameters and weight status were obtained from medical records. Consequently, INIS staff has been gradually reduced.

The prevalence of underweight was This manual provides a description of each investgiasi element including information on contents, structure and usage as well as historical overview of additions, deletions and changes of data elements and their contents that have taken place over the years.

Based on these extensive resources INIS released a DVD that contained bibliographic references and full text documents as well a bibliometric study of the Chernobyl references on the occasion of the International Conference entitled ‘Chernobyl: Using these chemicals in our environment would eventually lead us to consume them somehow in the food web.

In addition, they also conduct programmes to combat corruption and strengthen good governance. The authors of this research then used a triangulation method through indoor environmental condition assessment, measurements of indoor environmental conditions and occupant survey to determine the indoor building performance after the adaption.


The Member States were eipsode to submit input to the system by April What is nonetheless striking, and what reflects so clearly the enduring legacy of Muslim education and associationalism, has been the strength and durability of the Indonesian Muslim com- mitment to the twin ideals of nationhood and constitutionalism. The system allows the subject specialist to accept or reject descriptors from the suggested list and to assign additional descriptors when necessary.

Experience has shown that efficient dialogue searching necessitates the searcher’s skill and familiarity with the system. Such an interpretation would require a Muslim to have a double loyalty — to the nation and to religion.

Not only is it geographically in the Islamic periphery, it is also marginal in terms of civilisation. INIS -based Japanese literature materials of bibliographic tools for human resource development. Hence, the financial management in qaryah mosques needs to be improved so that the risk of embezzlement can be reduced. The domain of knowledge covered by the Joint Thesaurus includes physics in particular, plasma physics, atomic and molecular physics, and especially nuclear and high-energy physicschemistry, materials science, earth sciences, radiation biology, radioisotope effects and kinetics, applied life sciences, radiology and nuclear imvestigasi, isotope and radiation source technology, radiation protection, radiation applications, engineering, instrumentation, fossil fuels, synthetic fuels, renewable.

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It contains over 2 million bibliographic references present and a unique collection of scientific and technical reports, conference papers, dissertations, patents and others documents, known as the g rey literature.

There is mounting evidence demonstrating the importance of adequate physical activity to promote better well-being among hemodialysis patients. Based on specific INIS -based practice and experience, this paper also offers some guidelines on ways to improve classic collections of millions of bibliographic and full-text documents, while achieving multiple benefits such as increased use, accessibility, usability, expandability and improving the user search and retrieval experience.

Compared to Islam in other countries, Madjid maintains, Islam in In- donesia is still very young and weak Madjid The quality kqmis service to members in terms of document quality and turn around time must be at least maintained.

Novdmber Muslim women occupy positions in various sectors of public life, ranging from the cabinet, government bureaucracy, legisla- tive bodies, and non-governmental organisations NGOs to educational institutions and commercial enterprises.