In the upper right part of the first area is an obvious object to use Sith Force on. A lot more studs to collect, but the possibilities are also wider. In the room of the Sandcrawler after the elevator, you’ll find a console near one of the two gates. Go all the way right and down the ramp. They have four hearts and good dueling skills, so be careful. Now, you can explore and bash some stormies, or just have everyone step on the buttons when you put one of them on, the rest follow suit automatically , pull the lever, and head in to finish the level. Use the Force on all four to remove their lids, then again to remove all the parts inside. Shouldn’t be a problem.

Fire in the hole! After leaving the Cantina, grapple up and build the second grappling point, then use it. Pull the levers on the right wall to access some boxes. Save and Exit X Button: Grab a torpedo from the purple light and shoot it with X while the target in front of the shield gate is bracketed. Assemble both sets of pieces to make four buttons.

The last screenshot shows the spot where the minikit finally appears.

Go there with your sandspeeder for some extra credits. You’ll need the AT-ST roaming around for that. If you’re collecting stuff, I hcapter making at least a full loop and getting True Jedi, and the six minikits, before taking out the bikers. Your objective is to take out the two troopers on speeder bikes.

At this point, you have to drain his life or else he’ll keep calling in more stormies, so blast him to smithereens, then mop up the rest of minikihs troopers and studs. To exit the area, you can either use the Protocol Droid panel, destroy one of the gates with a Sith character, or hop back up to the Bounty Hunter door using one of the dips in the wall as a platform. Upon collection of the final white Mini-Kit and Red Brick you’ll unlock the following achievements.


Jump Luke onto the fan to get blown up to the ledge, then ride the lift to the other side.

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Pull it to get the elevator moving to get the droids up to your level. You should just make it.

In the same area as Minikits 4 and 5, continue ahead through the door to reach a shower area. Bounty Hunter Missions Bonus Features. Once the back wall is destroyed, press on. Episkde out all troopers and guns, here. The Great Pit of Carkoon 6O. You’re heading deeper, now. Jump on them to get another minikit part. Cause general mayhem in this next area I know you love it. In the final area, jump up onto the ledge using the pipes and walk to the right.

Take an AT-ST and blast the structure surrounding the tree at the north end. You can buy some time by closing both levers to close the door, but you need to get the grapple point built.

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy – Walkthrough

Just be careful and Force things before you blast them. Put together and use the first grapple point, float across, and crawl through the vent. You can get torpedoes in here if you wish, or just go back out and blast the far wall to get back out. Once you take a few hearts away, he’ll start playing coy, bouncing around the room away from you.


Wait for 10 of them to bunch up, and throw a thermal detonator to destroy 10 of them at once. Have him stand on the button to keep a grapple point visible, so one of your cohorts can grapple up and pull the lever to let everyone else up. Plenty of items to destroy and objects to use the Force on. Disco King 32 At the top, the door will open, and hey! Fire proton torpedoes that you’ve picked up.

Jump or hover not available for all characters B Button: Fire in the hole! Sometimes they leave you alone, but most of the time, they harrass you. There’s a lot of studs to pick up in this area, but a lot to potentially miss as well.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

Once you bust down the shield, continue on to the trench. If you’ve been industrious and frugal, you should have k in studs by now. You can also run your Speeder through the car wash here, then drop it off at the dealership for episods studs just don’t try to take it back! Keep me logged in on this device.

Would you recommend this Guide? This achievement requires that you set off the 3 discos that are scattered throughout the game. You won’t need it, yet.