The citys radical pace of development saw it transform from straw brick huts to skyscrapers in less than 20 years in one of the most extreme climatic ranges with temperatures of? Tough enough to withstand typhoon, earthquake and other assaults from Mother Nature, this elegant building forced a rewrite of the rule books. The tragedy led to 30 years of research to design a bridge that would link Awaji Island to Kobe. The space version of an airport, it’s a revolution in travel, with a revolutionary design to. A new high-speed rail line costing several billion pounds and cutting through some of the most heavily developed land on the planet to complete a high speed link between two of Europes major capitals London and Paris. Berlin Hauptbahnhof station in Berlin, Germany. A breathtaking megastructure and an ambitious engineering feat, Palm Jumeirah is part of an even bigger plan to transform Dubai into one of the world’s premiere tourist destinations.

When Beijing hosts the Olympics the eyes of the world will be riveted on this building. In the extreme Russian nNorth a team of engineers are ready to dismantle the a Typhoon-class submarine-the world’s largest nuclear submarine, the Typhoon. The team will be building against the clock they have just 30 months to construct Aldar HQ if they are to meet their October target. The hotel sleeps over guests and every bedroom is unique. Nimitz -class supercarrier for the U. Costing billions of dollars, the systems of giant concrete and steel sea walls and retractable floodgates include one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World.

This is the story of a construction challenge that pushed engineering to new limits. Berlin Hauptbahnhof station in Berlin, Germany.

Kamuthi Solar Power Project.

Apart from sheer size, the ship is a high tech vessel for the 21st century, and presents features that have never been seen on a ship before. Ride the world’s fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka and find out. Once the arch is complete and cured, the cables and towers will be removed and the roadway of US will be brought out piece by piece completing the bridge.


London’s Olympic Stadium – the centerpiece of the Games. Boston, Massachusetts had a world-class traffic problem, an elevated six-lane wubtitles called megastructires Central Artery that ran through the centre of downtown.

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Join Richard in the discovering the engineering behind the Troll A gas platform; the largest object ever moved by man across the surface of the Earth. We’ll take a hard look at how the USS Virginia came to be as we talk with designers and engineers about the challenges that arose in creating a new class of submarine. Overlooking the course is a 1. This is a concrete gravity arch bridge. Rio—Antirrio bridgeGulf of CorinthGreece. The metre Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers on the planet, pushed the outer limits of construction megastructires and stand as a symbol of Malaysian pride and modernity – all in a country that had never mehastructures a mega skyscraper before.

This subtiles version of an airport, is a revolution in travel, with a revolutionary design to match.

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It is the culmination of the efforts, accomplishments, and cooperation of two countries, Brazil and Paraguay. On 1 July,under the circumstances, the city implemented an innovative traffic reform. Thousands of workers go into action. In the middle of the desert a carpet of lush green grass grows on the world’s most luxurious racecourse. It is a “State-of-the-Art” facility that handles over a million passengers a week.

But there’s a catch… It’s sitting in suvtitles heart of one of the world’s most renowned earthquake zones. In the summer ofthe eyes of the world have been focused on a sporting megastructure: Every day across the globe, monster machines burst into life to do one job: How would engineers build it today?


The Shanghai World Financial Center. Megastructures Collection From DocuWiki. And a fleet of automobiles dies a torturous death -the equivalent of an agonizing tooth extraction and an elaborate cremation The sheikh zayed grand mosque. Subittles team of experts mobilizes to demolish, excavate and recycle a 25, ton dam built of concrete and steel.

Skyscraper in the Round will follow the conception to completion of this truly remarkable building, and the obstacles to overcome are audacious. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, constructed over the past twelve years in Abu Dhabi contains both the worlds largest chandelier from Germany and the worlds biggest carpet from Iran.

The building megastructhres also launch the largest construction project ever attempted in Abu Dhabi a new micro-city called Al Raha Beach. InChinese engineers and workers tackled one of the biggest construction projects on Earth. But with sea levels rising across the globe, the fierce North Sea and swelling rivers threaten to breach the defences again subttiles wipe out the Netherlands, a quarter of which lies below sea-level. The sheer scale of this project is awe-inspiring. Uncover the giant world of garbage hoovr America’s largest active mega-dump in Puente Hills, California.

Dubai ‘s artificial palm islandsUnited Arab Emirates. Port of SingaporeRepublic of Singapore.