She sits next to the toddler with a drawing pad and pens and gets her to start scribbling. Toadie, Sonya and Jade stop to chat with Mark and Kate and they talk about Toadie’s babysitting duties. He gets more and more miserable with every wail until Sonya finally gives in and goes to check on India. He insists that it has to be done though and in keeping to her plan to keep him onside, she agrees to support his decision. Rebecca can’t talk him out of it so they return to the lounge room where Rebecca announces that she thinks it’s a good idea and it’ll give everyone peace of mind. The show was immediately bought by rival network Ten. Mark crosses paths with Lucas and gets stuck into him about making Kate suspicious, but Kate sees them all aggro and becomes even more suspicious. Toadie peers over the balcony to see how they’re doing, yelping in fright when he gets an eyeful of his naked neighbour.

Michael is no longer Mr Nice Guy though. Nothing’s thicker than blood. Kate tells off Lucas for trying to take advantage of Mark and goes back to work. Coronation Street 22nd February Full Episode. I understand we have a disaster here. Meanwhile, Charlie must say goodbye to his pet and no one can try and cheer him up on his birthday.

Although successful in Melbourne, Neighbours underperformed in the Sydney market and struggled for months before Seven cancelled it.

Michael is no longer Mr Nice Guy though. Paul spots Toadie, who knows plenty about paternity tests neighbkurs doesn’t want to talk to Paul because he’s not his lawyer, and probably also because he doesn’t like him.

Jade tries to help Sonya out by joking that they’d probably be better having this conversation another time in private away from sister- type- people. You’re going to have to hurry up, I don’t know how long I can stand on one foot. Toadie’s stunned when India’s cries turn into episdoe the minute Sonya walks into the bedroom. Karl pops in to round up the blokes for the calendar photo shoot.


Meanwhile, Lyn is jealous of Summer’s growing attachment to the Kennedys. Meanwhile, Lucas tires to repair his fractured episodde with Brennan and Kate. She made a mistake that she’ll always regret, and she doesn’t want the whole pushing- you- off- a- building thing to be hanging over their heads.

Kate’s suspicious so Lucas has to lie and say he’s just feeling lonely lately and seeing Kate and Mark so happy gets him down sometimes. Paul is shocked and then furious. Charlie’s Rebecca says goodbye to the last staff member to leave while Michael waits around with her. I will not have the people I love bullied. Sonya comes out and Episoce ends the bird watching session after he and Callum neigjbours up with the idea that the street would be perfect for go- karting and research on it needs to be done.

He neighbojrs that Sonya seems a bit uneasy with all the baby talk and tries to reassure her. Number 22 The great big discussion is underway. Harold’s Store Paul tries to engage Kate in some chit- chat but she’s still not interested in playing happy families with him. Cate Commisso James Morris: Lucas is reluctant to participate, still aggro towards Mark, but Mark manages to guilt him into it.

Neighbours 7474 Full Episode 13th October 2016

Neighbours has since become the longest running drama series in Australian television and init epiaode inducted collectively into the Logie Hall of Fame. Harold’s Store Kate has corralled the guys into the kitchen but they’re both unwilling to speak. They bump into Declan and chat about Toadie’s babysitting escapades, but Lyn’s too busy staring at another dad- in- training – Andrew, who is sitting uncomfortably with Paul.

neiggbours You know how that feels. Sonya looks less than thrilled although she puts it down to the fact she had never considered it as an option.


The next morning everyone is having breakfast as Declan leaves with Indy. He quickly notices that meighbours mood is sombre and questions whether the news is good or bad. Jade doesn’t get why her sister just doesn’t help Toadie out, but Sonya is irritated that Jade keeps going on about it and warns her to keep her nose out of issues that don’t concern her.

Neighbours Full Episode 13th October

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Andrew’s got Paul looking over some Robinson Entertainment stuff and is trying to work up the courage to tell him about the pregnancy.

You’re the only good thing that’s come out of it. Midway through Bec reaches out for Michael’s hand which is really sweet and really hilarious seeing as though they’re in such a public place but he lets go when Rebecca reveals that she was the pusher. Meanwhile, Summer sees a side of Andrew that surprises and frightens her. He pretends that Lucas asked him to pull a few strings with the speeding fine.

She doesn’t respond so he guesses the answer is a no, and he wants to know whether she ever will. Toadie, Sonya and Jade stop to chat with Mark and Kate and they talk about Toadie’s babysitting duties. General Hospital Recap 22nd February Things are a little tense and Toadie approaches the subject of children once again. What are you saying about my daughter?

Declan arrives for his shot but has to make it hasty – he’s got a busy work day ahead.

It’s just how I feel. He starts rubbing away while she grimaces and frowns and looks close to tears all at the same time.