Here is the link: What I found most nice is Suzuha being concerned with Makise’s torture of Okabe but mostly the bike ride in the spoiler now that is major progress when you consider that Suzuha confides her father search into Okabe and shows him a pin. And I still find it just as funny that Okarin is only now starting to realize that “Hey, these D-mails actually have a huge impact on like, everything: I know why but why at that precise time and I wonder WTF is up with this father thing. Yes, it was a piece of the main story, not tied to an ending. LOLed at the confirmation that Ruka is a girl now, even though that trick working makes little to no sense. It seems like it could be possible.

Share This Page Tweet. Here are the three pieces of art from the VN containing the slumber party ; 1 2 3. Death means she can’t listen to Mozart anymore. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. SGT Clean Lewd Pajama party channeler Kurisu reacting to the “nurupo” with “gah” Okabe winning the plushie for Maho And as everyone else said, shit is about to get real! If anyone wants Nae-sama in her full glory, here’s the corresponding scene from the VN. Wonder who on earth the hentai who has no faith in 3D women wound up with to produce offspring?

Yes, Daru is Barrel Titor. Is he just a kid after all? Yea, the original timeline where Kurisu would’ve originally got killed and never appeared has now changed to the point where there’s no moe in Akiba. SaimoOct 3, All of the VN art I posted here are taken from this album.

I will slowly be adding more posts as time goes on. I keep forgetting Kurisu’s death is the one we see at the start and end of season one, and not some random other timeline event we don’t know the details of. Oh, and only Okabe Hououin can say, “All the moe is gone from Akiba,” in such a serious tone voice. Loved Ruka’s back showing, some nice skin is always good sometimes. Anomewaffles than that, this shows does tend to mix a nice gag section with serious stuff but why do I have the gut feelings that soon it’s all going to be shit hit the fans and only serious stuff.


I was going to point that out and why is that you think?


You said the same thing twice in different ways. Clips from currently airing shows cannot be znimewaffles within 24 hours after the Episode Discussion thread is posted. Although going back episoed time still isn’t impossible in the premise of the show considering Suzuha’s probably origins. Hyajo’s way too observant, but even Haru and Mayuri were able to easily see how different Okabe is now, and how affectionately he speaks with Amadeus.

As if the boob grabbing wasn’t enough! Suzuha knows most of it, but i don’t think he ever went into detail about how he had to watch Mayuri die over a hundred times trying to fix everything.

The actual reference was a elisode meme about programming, specifically about null pointer exceptions NullPo The whole Daru looking serious while wondering if school swimsuits will be worn by the girls at the beach and Makise’s reaction to that in the spoiler made it so ROFL, it’s amazing due to Daru’s serious perverted side TBH.

Nani mo kamo wo hoshigatteita Mayoeru mono no chikai Mada miru sekai o tsukuridasu koto Kuchi hateteiku. Absolutely hilarious the future gadget 4 considering it looks like a animewaftles mine and it blew up all the moisture out. On their own, they’re remarkable individuals who are simply stuck in the shadow of animfwaffles even greater.

This just feels bad Shit they are going to where she was killed Her father would have done the deed. They contain some spoilers, so view at your own risk. He says something along the lines “so thats how it seems to you” or such.

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I like it when anime references Western things, like using classical music in their soundtracks Drill searge Nae is the most terrifying villain in Steins Gate ever. CrimsonOct 1, Is it any wonder why Hyajo-san simply wanted to see what Kurisu left behind, if only to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and her desire to be on the same level as Kurisu?

Poor Hokarin getting bossed around by his assistant. It looks like it is but I’m not sure. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. And yeah, what’s with Hokarin being underage to drink?

We try hard to keep the spam filter clean of legitimate content, but it catches a lot of posts. Is there no way to make things go back? Mayushii continues to worry about Okarin from the looks of it. But then as Amadeus she’s technically dead but still can listen to Mozart.


I think she’ll join the gang. They are putting in some scenes from alternate routes like the sgt clean and sleepover from the Maho route being thrown in this episode. This show is so messed up that the fanservice scenes were terrifying me because I kept being paranoid and waiting to be blindsided Okabe’s outburst stekns the end makes Suzuha’s confrontation in episode 9 that much stronger too Like Oosran pointed out, the divergence number does get smaller in the spoiler for sure more so than last time.

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The Epizode and Salieri part is neat. Its one of the sad things about the story, no one will truely know the pain and suffering Okabe has been through. I was talking about reversing changes not time. RIP I thought we were getting some cute scenes or something but I can see only suffering in the immediate future.

But hey, that’s what the time machine is for, isn’t it? It’s a scene that could afford to be cut to save time and it ultimately doesn’t affect the main story much.

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Everything that Okabe was trying to prevent is about to be toppled over just like that simply because of his fear of going back in time to try and reach Steins;Gate. Not as strong as Okabe’s but i think she def recalls other events, but stins thinks of them as dreams or delusions or such. I wonder why the numbers are going down, instead of up? Episkde kinda going towards the fact that Daru could maybe be her father.