The ending is left ambiguous. The return of a star-studded dramedy , a space epic , and the Michael Jackson doc that shocked Sundance are our picks of the week. One Khmer Rouge takes out his stick grenade and lobs it at the checkpoint’s guardhouse. The Korean leader manages to hold down the rifle, but the Ranger leader counters with a headbutt. They soon hear a strange noise and see Hannibal, who is mounted up on a war elephant and being accompanied by 4 Carthaginians: Eventually, one of Lawrence’s men is taken by the gunfire as the Vickers gun suddenly jams.

The rifleman slowly makes his way down the trench, aiming his rifle in front of him when Lawrence comes around the corner, jambiya knife in hand. Tortured Native American Richard Machowicz Joan rushes up and stabs him in the neck with her arming sword. The real Hussein comes to his side, wearing an undershirt, raises his Browning to Pol Pot’s head, saying “This is a weapon” in Arabic, and pulls the trigger. Both revolutionaries pull out their Colt Bisleys and fire, shooting one of the natives as he rises from cover and draws his revolver. An average of different X-factors are now factored into each simulation, each being rated on a scale from 1 to though only a few are mentioned.

He distracts Pancho Villa by throwing the stone end of the club at Pancho’s face and with Pancho te, Crazy Horse gets ivn his feet and tries to stab him with the splintered handle. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Feigned Retreat Genghis Khan Statistics: The female vampire and the lead vampire answer the male’s cries, but are too late to help their friend, and look on in horror as the zombies hold him down and disembowel him.

Deadliest Warrior S03 – Ep07 Ivan The Terrible vs. Hernan Cortes HD Watch – Dailymotion Video

A legionnaire sentry relieves his fellow guardsman as the lead Gurkha cuts a hole in the legion’s barbed wire fence using wire snips. French Foreign Legion Team: Eventually, the female vampire is attacked from behind as a zombie bites through her neck, breaking her jugular vein.

He motions for Pol Pot to come in, but is soon attacked by Saddam, who stabs his combat knife through the front codtes his chest. The other Gurkha sniper quickly retaliates by shooting him in the head while he’s still standing. The Iraqi soldier takes his RGD-5 grenade and lobs it to the pillars, killing one Cambodian insurgent and stunning another to his knees.

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Exploring hypothetical battles waged by two groups of history-making warriors in this documentary series. Nearby, the other legionnaire cautiously searches for his prey, aiming his rifle. Joan readies the crossbow that the killed knight had been loading, and shoots the third Norman soldier, killing him.


The Gurkha recovers and moves out of the way, causing the legionnaire’s Callimus to get stuck in a log that was behind the Gurkha. Ivan draws his Sablia and rides on, pulling the prisoner in half and dragging the torso behind him. Behind them, another Bedouin charges over the hill, but is shot down as one of the riflemen mounts the Gatling, shooting him before he even comes within range. The vampire duo soon arrives back to where the first horde came in and both begin to massacre the zombies, taking down 58 of them.

The Villa Revolutionaries continue to fire until the Lakota come too close for comfort.

He then tries to strike at the last Mongol’s legs, but the Mongol jumps back and slashes his watcb. The Lakota brave goes down and Villa goes in for an overhead cut, which is blocked by Crazy Horse holding the club out in front of him.

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Washington kills Napoleon’s last man as he struggles to unsheathe his sword tergible Napoleon kills Washington’s last man as he stumbles to his feet. Meanwhile, the Ranger group marches slowly up a drainage ditch when one ranger trips a box landmine, sending him flying.

The lead Gurkha sneaks up behind him and brings his kukri blade down, cutting through the legionnaire’s kepi and into his skull. Crazy Horse draws a bead on Pancho, but discovers he has depleted the last of his Colt ammo and hernzn his war club, preparing to get the drop on the Mexican general.

Deadliest Warrior S03 – Ep07 Ivan The Terrible vs. Hernan Cortes HD Watch

Hernan Cortes ” on Amazon. Both Hussein and his bodyguard are alerted to the explosion as they both exit the office to see the commotion. Somewhere along the Korean Peninsula, a group of 5 U.

The Norman soldier on the ramparts shoots his crossbow but only hits a siege mantlet. He then swings his knife, slashing through the legionnaire’s throat. Both sides then scramble for their cannons.


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Back inside, the Korean leader gestures to his friend to ambush them from the stairs while he goes on ahead. The Ranger sniper separates himself from the group and sets up his SR rifle, surveying the area. The club breaks, and Crazy Horse forces Pancho off with his leg. The battle begins at night inside an abandoned warehouse, where zombies are searching for a food source.

Lawrence takes a step forward and swings, causing Roosevelt to shout and lunge forward. Joan rushes up and stabs him in the neck with her arming sword. As he collapses, he makes one last effort to kill her, but Joan grabs his arm and sword, before stabbing him one more time, causing him to fall from tue steps. Angered, the Rough Rider attempts to draw his knife, but Lawrence follows up with two slashes to the chest, killing him. Outside, 4 armed Khmer Rouge guerrillas run in, hiding behind building and pillar cover.

Through a window, he sees Saddam standing behind a wall with only his left arm visible. He soon is overwhelmed and runs back to the corridor where the rest of the zombies have begun to come through the other exits, blocking all paths of escape.

The Korean leader manages to hold down the rifle, but the Ranger leader counters with a headbutt. Reloading, the third Norman takes out the crossbow knight who was with Joan with a fatal shot to the eye.

Joan of Arc Team: However, he realizes too late he has cut into his dead comrade, wearing Saddam’s jacket. KukriEnfield No. Lamellar Armor Tge Khan Tactics: Genghis Khan then spins around and delivers the final strike, slashing Hannibal across the neck and cutting neck arteries. The legionnaire frees his knife and swings his knife degrees, causing the Gurkha to jump deadliesy.

In a hallway, the male subordinate vampire rakes his claws on a wall. However, he is shot off his horse by the last Russian soldier, who then finishes him off with a strike to the midsection with his Bardiche while he is still down.

Season 3 Deadlifst Begins! Roosevelt calls for his men to prepare the Gatling gun as Lawrence and his men prepare the Vickers machine gun and fire their SMLE rifles.