So, apparently this is the price for demo units and they say none are in stock! Below 20 Hz is extremely deep bass, and human hearing rapidly loses sensitivity to sound below that point. A number of settings were used ranging from maximum down to a setting of 40Hz. So, what are they? Jul 27, Messages: Check out our other Subwoofer Reviews! NM20 , Nov 16, If you take yourself too seriously expect me to do the exact opposite

No, create an account now. Dec 16, Messages: With the same settings except the vent being plugged the response measured as Hz while staying within a 6dB total window and from Hz while staying within a 10dB total window. Langley, East Berkshire Ratings: Russ 66 , Nov 18, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

XTZ Cinema 3X12 Subwoofer Review: Best Value in High Performance Subs?

Apr 12, Messages: When are we likely to see any reviews of these bad boys? Feb 15, Messages: Ron Olson Audiophyte Nov 27, I know it’s double the price of the 1×12 but I’m considering 1 or 2 1×12 instead of buying the velodyne.

Your nickname or email address: It appears that someone on the engineering and development teams at XTZ Sound spent a lot of time dialing the 3X12 in. I certainly never heard any smearing or sluggishness from the 3X Be sure to come back and let us know what you think of it.

XTZ lists a frequency response of Hz for the 3X12 with no tolerance given and also lists a response of Hz as a sealed system, also with no tolerance given. Each driver has an individual cover baffle that holds the grille and driver mounting screws. Increasing the output demand from the 3X12 another full 5dB to a level that would produce near dB over a large part of the bandwidth finally puts it into severe compression in the deep bass where the output is being compressed by dB near the vent tuning.


When they mentioned sending in their largest subwoofer the 3X12 and I looked up the description of it, I thought it would be the perfect chance to find out what XTZ and their products are all about. If I turn on the Sub first and allow it’s “flashing red” light to stop flashing it’s fine.

The PB13 can be geared to have deeper bass, but at 20 hz and above, I think the XTZ sub will have greater performance. My thought’s and views are well documented about the sub1 on this forum and that of a good quality 18″ sub unit!

xtz 3×12 vs svs pb13 ultra – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Oct 1, Messages: That’s one sweet sub for the money. I also have si from PSA in same basement right next to my pb13 ultra and I think I like it much more. Sep cinem, Messages: Jun 2, Messages: By the way it to compare all suv 3 models what pluses for psa in terms that pb13 has deeper bass and xtz has better output? PSA is a very good company that makes excellent performing conema. Nov 23, at 9: Additionally, the test is conducted outdoors with only the subwoofer under test operating so there will be no nearby walls or objects to vibrate and no upper frequency content from other speakers in operation.

Also interesting is the fact that the 3X12 just stopped getting louder in the majority of the frequency bands rather than approaching the distortion thresholds at all. May 11, at 7: May 19, at An 3z12 with the XTZ 3X12 lying horizontal on its side with the drivers firing directly at the microphone was found to offer the best overall response.

XTZ Cinema Series 3X12 Subwoofer Measurements and Analysis

Jun 14, Messages: The chart above is the measurement information from the previous graph titled: Required to provide very high sound pressure levels yet remain precise and true to the original music, this challenge we met by using the specially developed low-mass long throw driver. The XTZ sub looks like it has a fixed 20 Hz tuning point. I can just imagine plonking that down in the living room, I think my wife would take the speakers out and bury me in it.


I did measure the system with the vent plugged, in what would be the sealed configuration, but the very steep high pass filter is still in effect, so the system does not effectively utilize the shallower 12dB octave roll off of a sealed system and would lose a large amount of headroom around the vent tuning as well, so in my personal opinion it would be a waste to run this sub without the vent open.

Big thanks for the answers i was starting thinking that my post some how invisible on this forum. Seems like a similar price point.

The impression is of a thoughtfully conceived and well-executed design. That being sun case the 3X12 would likely be best if crossed over no higher than Hz or so.

I am guessing the XTZ sub is a higher performer than the V anyway. May 19, at 9: Yes, my password is: The XTZ 3X12 was measured in both vertical and horizontal orientations in order to find the one which offered the best response shape, output and blending of the driver and port output.

That being the case and due to there being no mention of the sealed operation mode other than a ciema response spec in the manual, I decided to forgo an entire set of measurements on the system with the vent plugged.